Adjust program size on laptop?

(Miranda) #1

Hello! I’m not too tech-savvy but I hope that I can explain the problem clearly. I’ve recently downloaded the new version of gnatt project on my laptop (dell xps '15). The problem is that the program fits differently on the screen, and I can’t see my tasks clearly in the calendar. I didn’t have this problem on my other laptop (sony vaio '13). I’ve attached some screenshots to show the difference. The first image is the dell and the second image is the sony. I noticed that the size of the top bar is different (oppen/save/new task etc) and that ‘zoom in/out’, ‘today’ doesn’t exactly fit neatly either. I’ve tried attaching my laptop up to a monitor to see if this fixes the problem but no luck. Is there any way I can adjust how the program fits on the screen? Sorry in advance if this issue/question has already been raised in FAQ/other posts and I missed it!

Thank you so much!

(Dmitry Barashev) #2

Most likely you need to change DPI option and revert application font size to normal value in the settings. See this blog post for details: