Allert message witihin hte programmed end date

(Marco Cavallini) #1

I’m using version 2.8.4 (Build 2134). On the same file I must to manage lot of activities in the same time. To manage the details I use sub activities and I mothe the ones done in a specific sub activity to optimiza the visualization on the screen.
But the quantity of activities is too high too! so A message allert ( by mail, on the error window,…) is very important for me.
Is there a way to set/manage this activity? Can we create a macro for it?
Some one has just met this issue?



(Dmitry Barashev) #2

I can’t say that I clearly understand the question. What sort of message alert do you want?

(Marco Cavallini) #3

I like to receive a message, when I open the ganttproject file that the axctivity not yet completed and that have planed due date (in the property field or , in my case on additional personalized field/coulmn) is on due date or late status.

I open the timing managment file every morning, but the activities are too mutch to see the critical activities immediatly on the layout (more or less 100 activities and distribiuted on some months).
It should be fine to have a mail for every Activity is on late to forwhard to my cooperators/collegues…
Thanks in advance Barachev. I’m sorry fot he late on the replay but I was on vacation.

(Marco Cavallini) #4

This is an example about we can have on Ganttproject.
In addition, Generate a message mail, go directly to the activity (but with the possible come back to this window) should be fine too.

Thanks again

(Dmitry Barashev) #5

You can try using “Alerts” column in the task table. It shows red triangles for outdated tasks and yellow triangles for tasks in progress. Right-click in the task table header, choose “Manage Columns” from the context menu.

(Marco Cavallini) #6

Thanks Dmitry.
Yesterday I’ve installed the release 2.8.5 and with my good surprise there are some other implements on the top of the Gantt that can help to mantain visible all aspects of the activiies too.
Best regards