Community guidelines on contributed software

Can someone explain why a utility developed for the express purpose of use with GanttProject, that can save time for project managers, that is included in the open source community, and then mentioned here is considered “spam” and “advertising”?

I separately contacted some of the development team to make them aware and never received a reply. (The utility I have written uses advanced Lombok and Jakarta features that by contrast simplifies xml project file reading and writing)

So, how can users of GanttProject be made aware of such a tool that can benefit them?

If the GP support community really is closed, then I actually have nothing to lose by taking down my software from public GitHub and keeping it entirely for my own personal use.

Please advise.

Can you please remind what utility do you mean and why do you think that it is considered as “spam” and “advertising”?

Ah, I’ve found a few messages from you in the moderation queue.
They all contained links to external sites, and two of them were a little bit strange (are the image of a unicorn and a link to Wikipedia article “inherently funny word” really relevant here?), that’s why the automated moderation system flagged them for reviewing. I just’ve published those which are related to your tool. Sorry for the false positive. The automated moderation system may make mistakes (although usually it works well).

Thanks Dmitry. I have created version 0.3 of GanttProjectAutomator and was going to post a note with a link to the release, then saw my earlier posts were removed as explained. I presume that it is ok for me to post occasional updates as I make them? It’s all open source and offered to the PM community for free.

Yes, it is absolutely okay.

ok - thanks, that’s good to know. I’ll go easy with emoticons in future too…

I’m getting the error below when trying to post on the original thread (link is to GitHub). Should I create a new thread?


I don’t understand what happened to that topic. Those replies which I thought that I had approved seem to be actually rejected. So yes, create a new topic.