Exporting to csv file recognizes as a SYLK file

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When I try to export the ganttchart to a csv file so I can open it in excel gives me an error saying that it can’t figure out if it’s a csv file or a sylk file.

Upon further checking, it is because it names the task ID column as just ID. When this happens, the error comes up. When I exclude ID from export columns, it goes through. You can toggle what columns to include in the CSV export settings.

Is there a way to move the ID column down so it won’t be the first one in the list or maybe rename it to something else other than ID?

Any information offered is greatly appreciated.

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Oh Excel, my love.
We plan to have native export to Excel in the next major update, so perhaps it will not be an issue after that.

From email: import from CSV
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The issue is not so much with Ganttproject as it is with Excel. Basically Excel can not accept a file that starts with “ID” which is how the Ganttproject csv file is exported. You have to use text editor to add a ’ (that would be way too confusing if I used quotations around the “’”). To the credit of Ganttproject, you do not have to edit the file again to remove the '.

Hope that helps, just learning this myself.


A workaround I discovered is to import the CSV in excel rather than opening the CSV file directly.

In excel, start with a new blank file and click the data tab. Click ‘From Text/CSV’ and choose your CSV file. It will import the CSV file correctly.

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Thanks. Worked like a charm.