From email: Capturing of Machine and Material costs

this came by email
Dear Team of Gantt Project,

I´m currently working with your software on an student project and the project we have to plan also includes some machine and material costs.

Is there a possibility in the software to capture machine and material costs as a resource and then link it to a task? Or is there a different possibility?

Thank you in advance for your response.

Material resources are not supported, sorry. Here is the relevant issue in the tracker for the reference: Support material/consumable resources · Issue #142 · bardsoftware/ganttproject · GitHub

Although “material resources” are not supported directly, do you know whether people apply workarounds to deal with “materials”?

For instance, I could add as resource one “projector”, and if it is assigned to two tasks at same time, there will be an overload. Nonetheless, if I check the task property “Resources > Unit to 50”, the projector could be used on the two tasks at same day (giving I’m controlling by myself the time the unique projector will be used in each task).