From email: ganttproject.exe won't start

I have Java enabled but ganttproject.exe won’t run. I double click on it but it won’t start. I can see in the process ganttproject.exe start but it closes in about a second.

Before we dig into the details, we need to be sure that Java Runtime is really installed and is not corrupted on your system. Please download it from and install. If you already did exactly that (downloaded and installed) then please type java -version in the command prompt and post the output.

Same issue. Winows 10. Just downloaded the ZIP version, installed it, installed the recommended Liberica Java 11. Restarted computer. Tried launching the .exe and the .bat. Launching from the .exe does nothing. Launching form the .bat, I had to let it through Windows Defender, then a blank cmd.exe window pops up. Nothing else. No associated task running in the Task Manager.



Downloaded the Windows version instead, that seems to be working.