From email: password on the project file

(GanttProject Support) #1

Is it possible to add a password for blocking the modifications in the diagram?

And is it possible to add base chart blocking? And work at the actual Gantt diagram?

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(Dmitry Barashev) #2

Can you elaborate on the use case? I don’t see where password might be useful. Let’s consider two scenarios of usage:

  • If project file sits on a shared storage and you want to prevent modifications made by mistake then it makes more sense to set up access permissions, so that only authorized users could physically save the file, and/or use version control system.
  • If you send projects back and forth by email and you, well… don’t trust your collaborators? … expect that someone can intentionally save a file, make modification and send the modified file forward (or back to you) then password can hardly help. It is possible to export file to MS Project or CSV and import it back again, get the same data without password.

In my opinion, what could be useful in the scenario where you don’t trust to collaborators is ability to sign the file, so that it was possible to add some data but it would clearly break the signature.

With respect to this:

is it possible to add base chart blocking? And work at the actual Gantt diagram?

I admit I don’t understand the question. What do you mean when you say “base chart” and “actual Gantt diagram”?

(Piotr Wabiński) #3

Yes, the first proposal is better and for the base chart … It comes from the nature of project scheduling. First it is a base chart and then when you make a modifications during the project running we have some updates and the schedule can be different and by this function one can observe how it behaves.

(Dmitry Barashev) #4

Did you mean to say Baselines ? There is a button Baselines… above the chart which probably does exactly what you want.