Is there a guarantee that the XML format won't change?

(Christian Baune) #1

I saw this question:

It tells “read the source, Luke”, but do not answer my principle question:

is there a guarantee that the XML format won’t change ?
I am interested in using XQuery to have some reporting not available (task per user as a kanban board).

Also, a small suggestion: This could be formalized by an XSD (which would be the format documentation)

(Dmitry Barashev) #2

XML format changes continuously as we add new features, however it remains
compatible. We guarantee that it remains the same across minor updates, we
guarantee that older files are readable by newer GanttProject versions and
we do our best to make sure that newer files are at least partially
readable by older GanttProject versions.

With respect to reporting, we plan integration with Jasper Reports with
slightly different format (JSON) as data source. It will be covered by the
same guarantees when released.

(Christian Baune) #3

Thank you for the answer.
What’s good with XML is that it can be transformed with XSLT or XQuery.

Why not provide a place where the user can drop an XSLT template ?

Jasper reports is a good news of course!

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