Management of Ressource when they change task

I create a task with 3 ressources for instance. What happen in real life is that one ressource will go to another task and the 2 other ressources remain on the first task. I don’t know how to affect different time to ressources inside a same project. 2 ressources stay 5 days and 1 would stay only 3 days. Maybe I have not find the funcionality.
Thaks for your help and time

I don’t understand what is the issue, sorry.

Hi Dimitry
For instance : I create a 5 day task with 3 people assigned. The issue is that the 3rd people will only stay 4 days because the fifth day he is assigned to another task. I can not put different period to ressources within a same task ?

It is not a functionality.
It is about how YOU MODEL your schedule in GanttProject.

So “What happen in real life is that one resource will go to another task and the 2 other resources remain on the first task”… => “task” + “another task” = 2 different tasks.

So, there are two different tasks with different resource allocation.

Yes, GanttProject assumes that resources work on a task from the start and till the end. You can split your task into two tasks, as Manuel wrote above.

I was looking for the same as well. Like having a resource only assigned for like the first 2 days of a 5 days task while another resource is a assigned for the full duration.
There is no way to do this except for splitting the task into as many as needed or working with %, which is a PIT…