New features request


We are interesting in some new features in GanttProject.

These are:

  1. time for start/end (not only date)
  2. duration as double with 2 decimals
  3. filter on columns
  4. fix slack time (for example, transport time after operation is done)

How much we need to donate to make this possible ASAP?

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Hello Ivan.
What you want is a really complex feature which requires deep refactoring of all GanttProject internals. It is not the matter of changing two lines in the code, it is a few weeks of work of a highly qualified engineer. If you’re willing to spend a few thousands dollars to get this done, please let us know.

fix slack time (for example, transport time after operation is done)

Is it what “delay” field does?

Thank you for pointing on “Delay”.
I will let know manager on approx cost.


Hi, I have just come across this piece of software and having evaluated many this is excellent in the balance between features and simplicity.

However as has been mentioned many times one big ommision is to be able to break the duration down into hours.

I am a project manager working within a development environment and so although I would not be able to do the work, I fully understand and appreciate the level of complexity and time this would involve.

As the software is free (donations accepted) this level of commitment cannot be easy. However as so many users and possible users see this as being critical, and I imagine you must have a fairly large customer base now, is there no way of doing somekind of crowd funding for this feature.

I cannot afford to pay outright for a week or two of development time, but would be more than willing to contribute. If enough of us are willing to put our money where our mouth is, can this be properly speced out and included in a near future release?



  1. This feature can be done in general.
  2. As formulated in this particular topic (up to 2 decimal digits => 15 minutes precision) it is expensive bothin terms of time, efforts and consequently money. The costs include not only working with code, but also UI (re)design.
  3. While being expensive, the risks that this feature will most likely break something for those who don’t need minute and even hour resolution (believe me that many, if not absolute majority of our customers who usually work in construction business don’t need hours – they don’t build their houses in one day anyway) are pretty high, let’s be realistic.
  4. We have some other features in todo list and they are also highly requested.
  5. By the way, every time when I saw software developers planning their time down to hours it was bad idea. But well, I could’ve been unlucky.

Keeping all this in mind, there are no chances to have this feature in a near release even if someone pulls $10k out of his pocket. We may start moving forward towards adding hour and minute level resolution, but I am not willing to provide false commitments.

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Hi there,

by any chance will you implement the possibility to change for some tasks or resources the posibility to change working and week days.
This is crucial due to 7-working-days for some resources, while others continue with standard of 5 working days. Would be awesome if this could be implemented.

Another wish would be to assign resources to specific days in one task and not a percentage value for the complete task.


You may want to subscribe to relevant tickets in the issue tracker:

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