Problem with changed ID resource

(Rainer Merz) #1

For reasons that are not identifiable, the resources have a new ID in the Gantt. The representation within the Gantt works flawlessly. When exporting to * .csv, the new IDs are in the report.I need the same ID for each resource.

look at my example:

Ressourcen Assignments
Pxxxxxxx, Mxxxxxx 23:40,0 23 not correct => 22 right
Pxxxxxxx, Mxxxxxx 22:15,0 22 right
Bxxx, Fxxx 24:00,0 24 not correct => 23 right
Bxxx, Fxxx 23:50,0 23 right

How can I correct this?

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

(Dmitry Barashev) #2

Please share the source file (and optionally the result CSV).
I can’t confirm that this problem exists: it works fine in my tests. Besides, the example text looks a little bit suspicious and unclear. Did you copy it directly from CSV or from Excel/other spreadsheet (commas in the resource names without surrounding quotation marks are suspicious). Why rows are duplicated? Are those different resources, or did you copy them manually?

Please upload the source file or send it to us by email. Thanks.