Projects overview

Is it possible to display several projects at the same time? This would give me a good overview of what should be happening with which project at any given time.

many thanks already

Of course is possible. Use Summary Tasks.

But that means, that all Projecs are in one file ?

Only a selection of projects is not possible.
Thorsten: Projektfiles A, B, E
Tim: Projectfiles: B, D

Yes. Use GanttProject Cloud :wink:

OK, thanks.
I have two projects stored in the cloud.
Can I now view them simultaneously in ganttproject (desktop)?
I have not found a way to do this

My suggestion is one single file on GP Cloud, with all projects at “high level”.
I am not currently using this approach, but seems to be something that might work for your situation, IMHO.

…then I will continue to observe the development…