Running GanttProject on macOS Mojave with Java 10

(Mc) #21

There is a lot of stuff in the console unrelated to the JavaLauncher. However, here it is:

(Dmitry Barashev) #22

Thanks! This provides some clues. However, I am not sure that I can easily solve the root issue, especially given that I have no Mojave at hand.

However, let’s try other way round. I created a new app with other launcher. The launcher essentially executes shell script. It does not search for any Java Runtime and just relies on java command to be in the PATH. It seems to work fine on my Mac OS Sierra. Can you please try if it works on Mojave?


It will show an additional text are window and the application will be called “Boot” in the main menu and Docker – that’s expected.

(Mc) #23

I tried the last built you sent.

If I mount the image and double click the application, it starts correctly.