Time duration of first subtask

Hi: I have a general task which is a “project” and under I have several subtasks. I would like to have a different start date and/or end date in the first subtask but I haven’t figured out how to do that.
It seems if I change the dates in the first subtask it automatically changes the dates of the general task or “project”
Thanks so much!

So, what is the question? As far as I understand, you can change the dates of subtasks. Yes, they change the dates of their summary task, that’s as designed. You “project” starts when the earliest of its subtasks starts and finishes when the latest subtask finishes.

Thank you Dmitry
Yes it was just the initial time or start time of the first subtask.

On a different note, how do I invite other people to edit the same Gantt Chart?


GanttProject is a desktop application which works offline. You can work collaboratively the same way you do with Notepad or classic Word/Excel, by sharing files. There are many ways of doing that (e.g. you can send files by email).

We have our own collaboration service GanttProject Cloud which makes the task of sharing GanttProject documents easier. It is currently in beta, you’re welcome to try.

You can find some docs here: GanttProject Cloud Docs