[3.2] Display issue between 3.1 and 3.2


I have a display issue since I upgraded to version 3.2.
Here’s a screenshot of my project in version 3.1.3103:

The same project in version 3.2.3220:

You can see that the left part (tasks tree texts) is unreadable in version 3.2.

This seems to be related to the scale of my 2 monitors:

  • My primary monitor has a 125% scale
  • My secondary monitor has a 100% scale
    If I display GanttProject on my primary monitor (scale 125%), all texts are readable but the text are unreadable on my secondary monitor (100%) for the left tasks tree.

This display issue is not on all panels. The “about” panel is also concerned for instance (issue already present in version 3.1).

Very strange behavior.

What if you set the same scale on both monitors?

So with v3.1, all is OK with both 100% and 125%; but not with 3.2, right?

With the same scale (100% or 125%) on monitors, the display is OK.

With version 3.1, the display with different scale on monitors is OK for project tasks tree but not for “about” panel or “open” panel (and also for 3.2 version).

Did you try changing application font in the application settings?

Yes I did.
I tried all the parameters in “Applications UI” settings. No change to the issue :frowning_face:

To help you, this problem happens on Windows 10 in my case.

I try adding these two lines to the end of file ganttproject.l4j.ini in the root folder of GanttProject installation (as described here Task font illegibile / aliasing in 3.2.3240 - #3 by wpong3 ):


Fonts are now readable.


Thanks for testing this!