Activar autosuma en una columna Personalizada

Buenos días, Es posible dar formato de autosuma a una columna agregada personalizada, Ya que agregue una pero las filas padre que no están indexadas no muestran algún numero.

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We do not speak Spanish, sorry. Here is your message translated with Google Translate:

Hello, It is possible to autosum a custom aggregate column, since I added one but the parent rows that are not indexed do not show any number.

Please consider writing in English for better understanding.

I am not sure that I understand what is “custom aggregate column” (we have no such columns) but anyway, custom column values are opaque to GanttProject and it won’t do anything with them.

Fila padre = Tarea resumen, que siempre contiene tareas.

So, seems that there is no such “custom aggregate” function for summary tasks.