Activity bars, milestone icons and arrows not printed or exported

I’ve been using GanttProject for a couple of days now since dumping Merlin Project - it’s great !

The only issue I have is when printing …
Whether I print to PDF, or export to HTML, PDF or PNG, the printout contains the background grid and all the text, but is missing the task bars, arrows and milestone icons.

This is what it looks like on the screen …

But this is what it looks like when printed or exported.

I tried changing the Task Colour in Settings - just to see whether that reset the colour picker, and also tried different appearance settings and fonts etc … as expected, the colour of tasks changed on the screen, but had no affect on the printed / exported project.

Any suggestions ?


GanttProject 3.3.3293
MacOS 13.2
MacStudio M1 Max

This issue is addressed in this ticket: