Allowing a single task to run on a weekend or holiday

I have several items on my schedule that I need to allow to run on the weekends and holidays (specialty coating cure-time, concrete cure time, etc.). I want these jobs to run continuously with total disregard for weekends and holidays without making the weekend and holidays available for every task.

For example- I pour concrete on Monday, January the 1st and the next task can follow 28 days later. On January 1st I also start doing sitework. The concrete cure time needs to run 28 consecutive days, the sitework is only going to sun on weekdays, Monday through Thursday. How do I allow one task to run on the weekends, and all other tasks to only run on the weekdays?

Similarly, if I needed to provide site security on the weekends, how could I set a task to only run on the weekends? Right now I’m having to manually set the days so that the finish date is what I want it to be.

These features are not supported, sorry.

Relevant ticket in the tracker:

Hi. Is this possible nowadays? Thanks in advance