Arabic Language in PDF Export


Your program, GanttProject, unfortunately doesn’t support the Arabic language in the PDF section; which lead the sentences in Arabic being unreadable.

English and many other languages’ writing systems start from left to write. While in Arabic language, the writing system does start from right to left, the opposite.

The PDF Export does start from left to right whatever language it is, this cause the Arabic characters to be disjointed and not connected together, and to be displayed in a reversed order which can only be readable from left to write, an English example: “raeppa sretcarahc cibarA eht woh si siht” => “this is how the Arabic characters appear”>

I hope you can fix this problem, we, in Saudi Arabia, use your program to study “Project Planning”, many student struggle with the language problem.

Thank you,

Well, AFAIK, GanttProject is an open source software, which can be improved by anyone, like you and your users, so great opportunity for your students to contribute to the GanttProject initiative for the Arabic language, IMHO.

Thank you for your respond.

Firstly, I’m not a teacher, I’m a student myself. I have no knowledge nor experience in these kind of problems, so unfortunately I could only explain the problem with as much details as I can so it can be fixed.

Since you suggest me to contribute to this program, may I ask how could I do so? And will it need my personal information or require me to be an adult?

Thank you

Briefly, contributions could be done by developers or professionals with SDLC experience; also some contributions could be done on translations, with crowdin platform in GP.

If this is still not enough, you might have to look to software alternatives for Arabic language support.