Are the file saved on my Laptop?

I would like to use this software on my corporate laptop. However my company has a concern regarding the location on where the data/files are stored, for industrial property reason. Can you confirm the gantt files and data that i will create will be stored locally on my laptop and no copies (or temp data for example) will be stored in any cloud out of our control?
I have found a similar request but the reply was not clear enough for my IT
Thank you in advance!

It is stored in your computer file system. It is possible to configure the file system so that files are stored on a local network (e.g. using Windows shares) or in the cloud, e.g. on Google Drive or Dropbox. However, if you don’t do it, the files are stored locally.

Hi Dimitry. Thanks a lot, i have now installed it on my laptop
Thanks for the great job