Authentication issue

I am a new user in GanttProject Cloud.
My account is created and activated.
After one or two authentication, rightnow it is impossible to reconnect.

Message : “Authentication in progress…” and in the bottom “Error 0 error : Please try relaoding this page in a feuw moments”

Did you sign up with email or with Google account?

I’ve signed up with an email.

2021-02-12_19-36-43.pdf (19,4 Ko)

Did you receive the verification email and did you click the verification link?

I see that you did. You seem to be using Microsoft Edge. Can you please try using Firefox or Chrome?

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Same result with Firefox 85.0.2 and Chrome 88.0.4324.150

I see. Can you please open a web console in Firefox before going to the authentication page, switch on a few options and then reproduce the issue in Firefox? It should give us more details about the error.

This video shows how to open the web console and what options you need to switch on

It seems the website has a problem this morning

Error “The page isn’t redirecting properly”

2021-02-18_10-19-46.pdf (34,8 Ko)

Try using (no www prefix).

Right now, all is Ok.
I have created a new project based on existing file I’ve uploaded from my desktop.