Black Friday 2021 donation

After using GanttProject for some months and checked its utility, it’s fair to contribute with 17 EUR, my 70% discount donation :smiley: , in these “Black Friday” days!!!


  • I use it on my personal projects… as well as in my professional engagements.
  • It provides value, scheduling, translated, and great charting for my audience.
  • It does not require installation: portable, free and ready to use anywhere.
  • It is easy to learn, to grow on feature adoption and covers my needs up to date.

If I keep improving and using more complexities, I might have to switch, but GanttProject would remain as the needed first step to climb the PM ladder.

Thanks to the team and community, and I wish you a great weekend!

Thanks, Manuel. Just in case if anyone curious how they can donate with such a great discount, let me drop a link:

Choose any GanttProject 3.1 product, type the amount in “Name your fair price” field and complete the purchase. The minimum amount is $5, which is equivalent to 95% discount comparing to $100 donation which your surely would do in any other period.

We even provide full refund within 30 days. You can request your donation back!

Jokes aside, if anyone is interested in a discount on paid GanttProject Cloud service, please let me know. We have a limited number of coupons which are valid until November 30.

Want to use GanttProject Cloud with 5 your colleagues every day during the whole year? With the Black Friday discount, you can do it for just 45 EUR. If a year sounds like a very long term, you can purchase two months credit for EUR 7.5