Boolean flag indicating if a task is on critical path

On a schedule with a lot of parallel tasks, I would like a report to forsee the tasks coming next week (or next month, whatever…), AND in the critical path.

AFAIK, the critical path is not on an existing attribute for tasks, in GP, to be filtered by, is it?

What I did is to export to Excel, and filter on the date, and I got it… but not if the tasks belongs to the critical path, or not. Any thoughts?

So the issue is that there is no flag “is_on_critical_path” for tasks?

Well… I cannot filter by that flag. Would it be an enhacement as new info to export?

So… what would be the conclusion of this request? Makes it sense to have that “flag”, please?

I have filed a new enhancement request:

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Thank you very much, @DmitryBarashev for this new enhancement.

Hmmm, BTW, @DmitryBarashev … would it be possible to have this enhacement for v3.1.x as a minor update?

Hi! Find attached the Excel file with the report, from the exported data in Excel from GP v3.1.
Hope this is helpful for someone :smiley: Procesando: gp3_1 NextWeek Tasks REPORT.xlsx…
gp3_1 NextWeek Tasks (18,4 KB)

No, sorry, and not in 3.2 (the current stable version) either.