Bug : Export to excel contains double fields (total cost + total load)


Version 3.0.3004.
Expected behavior : When exporting to an excel file ; the fields " total cost "+ “total load” should not be there.
The option is not selected in the >settings>spreadsheets>resource fields > options total cost and total load.

Current behavior : When exporting - even with the options (total cost and total load) switched off,. the fields are displayed twiced in the excel sheet in the resource part.

The actual issue were that total cost and total load had been considered as custom columns during import until update 3004.

Because of that, the sequence “export to Excel” - “import from Excel” - “export to Excel” would create duplicates of these columns (because after importing they would appear as both standard and custom columns in the project)

This bug with importing was fixed in update 3004:

However, it is possible that in a project which was created before the fix there are still custom columns named “total cost” and “total load”. Please check if it is so, and if it is, just delete them.

Thanks for the help. That was indeed the case