Buggy links in text task list in exported PDF

Links defined not by simple IDs, but using expressions, like for example “1-FS=P4D” are replaced for IDs not having anything to do with proper start time of tasks using them. It concerns tasks list in a text form in exported PDF.

GanttProject 2.8.10 b. 2363. Windows 10 (1909) x64.

May I ask for any illustration of what’s wrong with links? A screenshot or a PDF file?

Please compare predecessors on page 2 and 3 of the PDF and in the project. Files attached.

All ID-link_type=delay are replaced with ID alone.

PDF-links-bug.pdf (90,7 KB) PDF-links-bug.gan (3,9 KB)

It works as designed. The dependency syntax ID-link_type=delay is just a shorthand for those who want to type dependencies faster with keyboard. GanttProject parses the string and creates dependency of the specified type and delay. PDF export just prints the ids always (while chart image is basically a screenshot).

It might be an issue that there is no information about the dependency type and lag in PDF export, but it is not the issue that it doesn’t print dependency specification in this clumsy format – it is not supposed to be printed in the reports.

In my humble opinion it may be misleading. Suppose someone lacking hawk’s eye prefers to read this clumsy text format over gantt graph. For the one important part of the information is missing. Said so he/she will soon find the text task list to be unreliable when it comes to tasks’ dependency checking.

As the format is clumsy would it change as much having extra few characters, like " +4d" or “fs +4d”?