Calender View and PNG export: vertical lines per day possible?

Is it possible, to get vertical lines per day in Calender View in the app and with PNG export? (S. screenshot attached: I added the lines in magenta for better perception.)

The color of the lines would best be configurable.

Thanks, Tobias

We intentionally removed vertical lines to reduce clutter.

Thanks for the explanation. I can see your point, but if this would be configurable (border-color from transparent to rgb(x,y,z)) instead of »missing«, anyone could decide if it’s clutter or not on his/her own. As I said: In the png export it would be a great help for very broad charts.

Hmmm Just to understand this feature…
So, there is no “simple” way to show “vertical” lines on Gantt, then?
I usually get weeks separated by non-working weekends, but in a new project with working weekends, weeks separation has disappeared (no purple vertical lines).

Any suggestion to separate weeks and have a better sense of “calendar slices” :wink: Thank you?

You can show week-ends but treat them as working days, as shown on the screenshit below. Unfortunately, it seems that this option is broken when you create a new project (Project > New): it uses “no tasks can run” no matter what is chosen in the dropdown. However, it works in Project > Properties > Calendar.

The initial topic was about separating individual days, not weeks.

Totally agree.
So, your answer is to check the week days to be shown, but treat them as working days… Hmmm. Hope this will also work not only for v3.3, but for v3.1.
Thank you very much @DmitryBarashev