Cannot add custom holidays

I am trying to add in custom holidays for days the office will be closed around Christmas, but when I add a holiday, it never selects the date I click on the calendar.

Is there another way to go about doing this?

Thank you.

I don’t understand the question, sorry. What do you mean when you say “it never selects the date I click on the calendar”? A screencast might be useful.

A screencast showing the process of adding holidays (1)

Thank you for your reply Dmitry. When I add a holiday, and am selecting the date, if I select December 22, 2021 on the pop up calendar, for example, the date the shows up when the calendar closes is December 27, 2021. If I then try to change the date to the 22nd, by opening the calendar (or typing in the date), the date then switches to 2020/12/29. I also cannot add more than one custom holiday. Once one has been added, if I click add and then select a date, the second holiday added always disappears. It seems there is a glitch, maybe?

I did change the date format to YYYY/MM/dd … would this affect the ability to add holidays?

Thank you for your help.

Please show us a screencast.


Ok, thanks! I can reproduce it now. It seems that the date format change is the issue indeed. I’ll check what is wrong. Meanwhile, I recommend to revert to the default date format or use “Add holiday on” action from the context menu. Right-click in the chart area under the date which you want to make a holiday and choose “Add holiday on…”