Cannot change date of milestone


I’m evaluating GanttProject but I’ve found myself with something which seems a bug.

I’m setting tasks for a large project and ordering them, indenting, assigning resources, making dependences on previous tasks, etc… fine. However on a particular task which is a milestone, single day task (1 day duration) I cannot change the date. Want to set start date and final date as the same day but when I set it it to 1st January 2024 it reverts to another random date, May the 8th. How to set properly the milestone day on this task?

Hello! Thank for posting.

Please share the GP version, your machine OS, and if possible, the file used.
Did that milestone task have dependencies?

Please share the project file.

BTW, milestones in GanttProject have duration = 0 days.

Hello, Milestones on my GP App set the duration to 1 day, so strange.

Solved, recreated the task and the bug isn’t present anymore. Thanks.
OS: Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7
GP: 3.2.3247