Cannot find my first Project I created

(francinne) #1

Hi,I created a project (hours of work). I am unsure that I saved it as I am unable to find any reference anywhere. I can find a gantt project java log only.

I have a MAC - would LOVE if anyone could direct me how I might search for it as normally MAC saves everything…


(Dmitry Barashev) #2

GanttProject would not allow you to quit without saving you work. Did you force quit or what?

If Finder in you macOS can’t find files with .gan extension, you can try using Help > Recover in GanttProject. It scans through internal autosave files, shows their size and time when file was created and asks if you want to recover.

(francinne) #3

Thanks for that - i did that and it did nothing…

I created the project on 23 September - I was in and out of it using it - not sure I closed it ever.
My computer crashed at the end of September - upon reopening all documents etc were recovered (didn’t check yours)
Went to open today - couldn’t find anything except the Java log and .dmg file so I clicked the .dmg and it has opened up (installed) a new project… when I search for .gan files - I get the two logs only - today and 23 sept… I don’t appear to have any auto saves

I thought I had saved/named it as Launch something but… nothing…

(Dmitry Barashev) #4

Well, sorry, but there is nothing that GanttProject can do except for Help > Recover :frowning: