Can't print under Vers.3.0.3004

We have been testing the Ganttproject for 3 days now and now we try to print out the schedule.
Unfortunately, the expressions do not come from the printers as in the preview and / or the PDFs are not created correctly either. We can print, but the preview with the settings does not match the printed result.
Is it a bug or are we doing something wrong with the settings?
We looking forward to get a helpful solution. Thanks

For example: in the preview 1x A0 sheet is printed out as a PDF in 9x A4 sheets. Or 2x A0 sheets in the preview are 12x smaller sheets from the plotter. Settings at Ganttproject are compared with the printer settings and checked by us.

I can’t say that I clearly understand the issue, but anyway, the best way to print a chart is to export it to PDF or PNG and print the result using your favorite printing tool.

The printer preview on the screen is not coming out on the paper like it is shown.
The printing output is not like the printer settings. We can not scale clearly to the papersize.
The same is with the PDF export, shown size on the screen is not the one in the PDF.
For Example: Preview printscreen at Ganttproject is an A0 Size, the PDF output is on 8x A4 papersizes.
Hope this is more understanding. Maybe there is the possibility to show the problem on a teamviewer meeting?

We recommend using PDF/PNG export for obtaiing a printable output. When I say “PDF export” I mean Project > Export > PDF. I do not mean choosing PDF file output in the printing.

If you have issues which you described with PDF or PNG export, please record a screencast showing them.

This we tryed out, but it is not the solution for the layout print. For what do you have the printer button and print preview, if they don’t work properly with a windows 10 system?
We have a plotter and want to print our schedule like in he preview layouted.
Any other solutions you can suggest?

The printing function appeared many years ago and has never worked reliably, sorry. We keep it just in case if it works for someone, but we do not have resources to improve it. Admittedly, printing is not the strongest point of Java Platform.

What do you mean when you say “layout print”? Why can’t you print the PNG image or PDF page on plotter?

Thanks for the answer.
Our schedule is very long and has a few hundered tasks, so it is very long and big.
In the print preview we can see how it should be printed out, so we know what we will get out of the printer or plotter and we can scale the schedule on the paper. With the export we can’t take influence on the scale, it is on one paper and depends on the papersize we choice.
Printing function should get more attention for such a programm in our opinion view.

If you have a very big chart, we recommend to export it with A0 paper size and then use tiling/posterizing tools to tile it to multiple pages. Such tools may offer preview function.

Here are some tools which can do tiling:

Thanks for your inputs.
But the A0 export is to small. The export has to be already on 2 or 3 A0 papers…

I see, a great chart! However, export to PNG just produces a raster image which, as I believe, can be tiled and printed with the same tools using A0-sized tiles.