Change HOME folder setting

Using the “Project” file menu, Project->Import, and using the Wizard choosing GanttProject files -> Next (to get file to import) -> Browse.
Then the default folder is Windows(C:)\Program Files (x86)\GanttProject-2.8
This is also the folder stored in the “Home” (Button with House) button of this window. It is usually not the location where I want to store/import my files, so I need to navigate to the folder of my choice each time. This is time consuming, partly because this window is not allowing to paste a another path directly. Is there a way to set “default search folder” to something else than Windows(C:)\Program Files (x86)\GanttProject-2.8?

Not yet, sorry. But thanks for reminding. User interface for working with files will change in the next major update, and import/export locations surely need to be improved as well.

I submitted a new issue to the tracker: