Change of task colors

Is it possible to enter tasks with color A (set default color) and then change the color for all subsequently added tasks?

AFAIK, no.
Workarounds: If there are few tasks, do it manually. If there are dozens, do it replacing in the .gan file with a text editor. That is my advice.

Thanks for the info.

What do you mean as “to change the color for all subsequently added tasks”?

I am planing a project consisting of 3 major parts. I enter part 1, and add 5 tasks with indentation. These tasks all have the color green. Now I enter part 2 (enter task name, unindent) and enter 3 tasks of part 2 indented. What I would like to do is change the color of part 2 and all tasks belonging to part 2. I.e. I want to change the default color for all subsequent entries. When I start entering part 3 I want to do the same. I hope this makes sense to you.

Edit > Settings > Gantt chart > Task color

The chosen default color applies to all tasks created afterwards.

Thanks for the enlightenment. That’s something I should have found out myself, sorry to bother you.

Good trick! Love it!