Changing links between tasks

I propose to make changes to the way of deleting and changing connections between tasks. If the user wants to change or remove the connection between two tasks, he needs to re-try to connect them on the graph.
изменение связей

After this (if the connection between the tasks was established earlier), a dialog box with behavior options should appear:

  1. Delete connection
  2. Change connection:
    2.1 Start-start (the second task starts at the same time as the first)
    2.2 End-end (the second task ends simultaneously with the first)
    2.3 End-start (the second task starts after the first one finishes)
    2.4 Start-end (the second task ends at the same time as the first one starts)
    2.5 Make a link flexible
    2.6 Make a link hard
    2.7 Set a delay of ___ days (immediately enter the window)

… and the Close option, if none of them should be done! :wink:
if it also could be part of the right-click menu

(good idea, I like it!)

Item 1) is already done, and you don’t even need to bother with creating a link: just select two tasks and hit “unlink” button in a small toolbar above the task table.