Coil_man issues

I am experiencing what seems to be a similar problem with version 3.2.3240. If it is important, the OS is Windows 10 with the latest updates.

The file data is not being corrupted. It only started to happen when the quantity of tasks and sub-tasks went over approximately 100. I hope that this is useful information.

What exactly is the issue? The stack trace which is shown on the screenshot is about the logo file. It is harmless and seems to be unrelated to what is discussed in this topic.

Please describe the issue in details and attach the complete log (you can copy the text from the log window)

I get the error messages in the lower right hand corner now that I have passed 100+ tasks. I just save the file, reload the program and proceed from where I left off. When I next error message, I will do a screen shot and capture it. Thanks for being so fast keeping up with what is being posted. It is most appreciated.

Please send the log file contents as text instead of capturing a screenshot of the error message.

Fixed. I saved the file under another name. No one else has access to the file to modify it, which the error message indicated could be a possible cause. :o)