Colour coding tasks based on roles

Hello all, a newbie here. I have just started using GanttProject and so far it seems to do what I want. I work in pre-construction and wonder if there’s a way I can assign a colour to different roles to show in the gantt chart (specifically when I export to .pdf). For example all work to be carried out by the architect can be blue, cost consultant can be red, etc. Here’s an example of how my current Gantt looks (if the image displays…it’s not showing in my preview!):

Is this something one of you more experienced people can help with?

Thanks in advance

No such feature, sorry.
Relevant ticket in the issue tracker: Make task colored with resource colors · Issue #756 · bardsoftware/ganttproject · GitHub

Hi Graeme,
Whilst it can’t be done automatically, you can always make each task any colour that you like. Just double click the task to select it, then “Choose” from “Colors”. In the attached screen shot you can see that completed tasks are in black, with other colours for various trades.
Hope this helps.

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Hello River, I have the same doubt, but when I change color, according to the preview, the color of the task and its background should also change, but this does not happen, only the task bar is changed. Some help?

the color of the task and its background should also change

Why? If you really want to see some colors in the table, make visible Color column (right click in the table header, choose “Manager columns”)