Comment out gan document / Formatting / Trancparency

is there a way to comment out some lines in the document?
it is about holidays, I put them from an excel sheet. Sometimes I want to comment out some days, and later maybe comment in. Is there a way for that?

  1. can I format the font of task-groups? so that they are Bold or with bigger Font-Size?

  2. can I use transparency for colors? My client have a main season for sale, I want to mark this in the project as NEUTRAL calendar days, but if I mark every day, I can’t see the weekends, so I have manually mark weekends with other color. I wanted overlay the calendar days instead

I am not sure that I clearly understand what is “comment out some lines” in the same context with “days”. Lines are tasks, both in GanttProject interface and in Excel/CSV export files.

No, fonts and color transparency are not supported, sorry.

I use a summary task for a several continued holidays for some resources.
I can expand or collapse to get detail. But no dependencies to tasks outside that summary tasks (“comment out”).

Hope this helps

It is nice to have the possibility to edit the file in a text editor. I also found out, that with <!-- --> I can comment out lines in the gan file, but the problem is, after I open it in GanttProject all the lines inside the <!-- --> get deleted.
so my question is answered, I can comment out.

but maybe for future you can implement to not delete some user made changes in the gan file.

Markup which is commented out == no markup, sorry. We will remove it.

Sorry I dint get the meaning of your answer. Thanks anyway