Compute required resources level?

Hi Community!

I suppose many of you already stumbled on this requirement, so I hope someone already found a solution for this…
What I have: many independent projects maintained in one single file, so I have a clear overview of tasks overlaps
What I set up: as the same resources are allocated to various projects, obviously their workload frequently exceeds 100%.
What I need: a way to incrementally add (anonymous) resources to the projects so I can determine how many people I miss to reach each project’s deadline.

In short, I’d like to have some kind of +1/-1 buttons to play with resource number and check how many additional staff the project will need to run as expected.

This would be a GREAT feature for any project manager or CTO! :wink:

Thanks in advance for any help!

Besides just adding, you will need to assign those resources, no? How shall they be assigned?

Mulling this question since I posted… :wink:

Actually, the simplest way to use the resource would be to allocate 100% to the selected project, but this would just shift the issue to the current resources: I’d need to modify the ratio between all allocated resources and check whether they’re all going green, so just add a 100% resource wouldn’t really help me as I’d need to do this for all projects in the same time… :grimacing:, not taking into account the resources’ skills!

Yesterday I just tinkered a bit with Excel, trying to simulate this with some basic rules:

  • A full-stack project with front-end, back-end and mobile app parts
  • 3 developers, each with particular skills
  • BUT the back-end dev knows about front-end, the front-end dev could help the mobile app dev, who could do unitary testing on both back-end and front-end…
  • On some tasks, the split could be i.e. BE = 80% + FE = 10% + MA = 10%

If, adding all tasks together, the global workload level raises above 100% and I add one staff, would he/she, for the split above:

  • take some weight off the back-end dev? 20% or 30%
  • replace the front-end dev?
  • replace the mobile dev and take over the tests?

Too many variables, I’m afraid my expectations are too high! :grin:

Thanks anyway for your time!