Copy/paste causes the program to stop responding

I just updated my version to 3.3.3309. When I try to copy/paste any task, the program stops responding, and the only way to release it is to kill the task through the task manager. My previous version, 2.8.10 had no issues with that.

Such a frequent operation with tasks should be already tested. Please share more details…

Did you upgrade uninstalling v2, with clean uninstall (delete folders) or just reinstall v3 setup?

I can’t reproduce it in the basic scenario. Can you please share the log file that is produced when it happens? If you’re on Windows, the log file is in ganttproject.log file in your home folder.

ganttproject.log (1.3 KB)

On my side, it is 100% reproducible.
Select any task-> right-click “Copy,” and it is enough to make it stack.
Btw, it doesn’t happen with V3.1.3100.