Copying tasks and the [Home] key

I copy a task by pressing a button. After that, I immediately press the [Home] key (I want to go to the beginning of the project). Nothing happens. In order for the [Home] key to work, you need to click on the task list. Is this how it should be? It is not comfortable.

… so you want a one mouse click less for that seldom operation?

It’s not about one second. The first time I tried to press the [Home] key after copying a task and nothing happened, I thought the [Home] key wasn’t working at all. I had to create a thread asking about this Hotkeys to jump to the first (top) task?
However, even the theme didn’t help, because it took a while to figure out how to get the [Home] key to work after copying the task.
If the user does not know this feature of the program, he may simply leave, finding the interface unfriendly.

Hello, can you clarify what you mean as “by pressing a button”? Home works for me after Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V in the task table.


Thanks. I have filed a new issue to the tracker:

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