Couple of question after first use

(James haug) #1

I love the program and will donate some more $ as soon as it is clear that this will work (unlike most apps). But I have a couple questions or suggestions…

I would like to back link a task. I have a definite time that a drywall contractor can come and would like to backlink all the other tasks before it so that I know when to start this phase of the project. Kind of like the reverse of the predecessor. Can your program do this? I’ve tried several options but haven’t solved it yet.

Can I share the chart so that others can work on it at the same time kind of like a google doc?

Can I group several tasks to edit all their properties at the same time?

I’m sure I’ll have more as I figure this program out. I’ll have to look for tutoring videos.

(Dmitry Barashev) #2

Backward scheduling is not explicitly supported, however you can use Start-Finish dependencies instead of Finish-Start to achieve similar effect. See some details in the ticket:

Real-time collaboration is not supported, sorry. All you can do is to share the file so that one person locks the file as a whole.

No, mass properties editing is not supported, sorry. Relevant ticket: