Create a custom calendar

Hi, (sorry for my English, I’m french)
Do you know if there is an easy way to create an custom Ganttproject calendar file ?
I’ve tried to export an .xls file to .xml (and change to .calendar) with Excel (with the developement menu but the xml format of the ganttproject’s calendar file are not reconize).
I know that I can use a text editor to copy and edit an original calendar file but I am looking for a tool for students to create their own calendar from excel for example.
I don’t know if it’s possible…
Otherwise, do you know how do the GanttProject’s .calendar files are wrap ?
Thanks !

Excel is not the calendar software, is it?
Copying and editing .calendar file is the easiest way, actually, if you want to have your own calendar on your machine. However, if what you need is a “template project” for students with it own calendar, then just create an empty project, define the holidays using Project > Properties > Calendar, save the project and use it as a template.

You can also try importing ICS files, this is known to work. It creates a calendar in a single project though, equivalent to adding holidays through Project > Properties > Calendar

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Alright, thanks for your response. I will do what you suggest!
I will come back to you if needed

It works for me. I just download ics file and imported.