Custom columns now have minimum width

Is there a setting in a config file that sets the minimum width of custom columns?
I have 3 custom columns that don’t require much width as they contain 2 digits, 2 digits and XX.X digits respectively and previously I was able to set their column width quite narrow to avoid my task table taking up too much total width and leaving more room to the right of it for the Gantt chart. Now with 3.2 the standard columns (e.g. Completion) can be made narrow but the custom columns have a fixed minimum width which is far too wide for my requirements. Can this be adjusted anywhere?


I also am finding this change to 3.2.3240 quite disturbing and untenable.
I have two Custom Columns which need to be only 4 characters wide. In previous versions I could drag them to the width I wanted in the Gantt View. Now I cannot, they are a fixed immense width which cannot be changed.
And every time I Save the project, the Gannt window resets to a default width again which makes it all too wide for my use.
When I launch the program, none of my column widths are remembered, requiring me to readjust the column widths every time.
I do thank all of the volunteers for their amazing commitment to the GanttProject; I do not want to come off as ungrateful. I just don’t know if I can continue with the software if I need to readjust the interface every time I open my project.
I just thought you should be aware.

I agree with the two two previous authors.
Even worse: If I want to reduce a user-defined column smaller than a (still far too large) width, the standard neighbouring column is enlarged…
Using 3.2.3247