Custom role set name not showing up when making a new project

Following the information in

I have added a new set of Resource roles

<roles roleset-name="Default">
    <role id="0" name="undefined"/>
    <role id="1" name="project manager"/>
<roles roleset-name="SoftwareDevelopment">
    <role id="2" name="developer"/>
    <role id="3" name="doc writer&#9;"/>
    <role id="4" name="tester"/>
    <role id="5" name="graphic designer"/>
    <role id="6" name="doc translator"/>
    <role id="7" name="packager (.rpm, .tgz, ...)"/>
    <role id="8" name="analysis"/>
    <role id="9" name="web designer"/>
    <role id="10" name="no specific role"/>
<roles roleset-name="Project">
    <role id="11" name="optical design"/>
    <role id="12" name="optical assembly"/>
    <role id="13" name="mechanical design"/>
    <role id="14" name="mechanical assembly"/>
    <role id="15" name="electronic design"/>
    <role id="16" name="software developer"/>
    <role id="17" name="technical writer"/>
    <role id="18" name="purchasing"/>

And things almost work as I would like. When making a project a new line for a role set appears on the step 2 page and the roles seems to be available, however the name of the role set is missing. Do I need to edit something else to get the role set name to appear?