Date mistake when exporting to excel file

Hi all,
I’ve been trying to export the data from a ganttproject file to excell, the problem is that the “Begin date” and “End date” are imported fine for the first rows, and then there are just numbers. How can I solve this? Please see picture to understand what I mean!

Hi! I thought this was a known bug and was solved… Hmmmm

@vtoc : please share project file and log to let dev team solve it ; )

I can’t reproduce it and hence can’t fix.

Hello Dmitry,
it may help to try using Excel, with Windows’ regional settings on a language (as Spanish : ) that has date on the format DD/MM/YYYY.
If you are using everything in English with date formats and colon, etc… then everything would be ok.
Anyway, it seems to be quite intriguing issue, IMHO.

May I ask you to test if this update fixes the issue?

You need to unpack this ZIP archive into .ganttproject.d/updates folder in your user home so that the result file structure looked like this:

└── update-3103
    ├── org.ganttproject.impex.htmlpdf 
    ├── ganttproject
    └── VERSION
.... other updates

Make sure that all the previous updates suggested by Updater are installed.
GP 3.1 is expected to show version 3103 in the About dialog

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Yes. Done. It is fixed.
Seems that was not a data problem, but a cell format problem in Excel.

Thank you Dmitry!

Cool, thanks for testing.