Dates show month as "00"

(Joshua Wong) #1

Hi, I have this date problem happened just few days ago. I have done all the calendar setting correctly. The date format is set to dd/mm/yy but start dates and end dates of all my tasks show the month as (example) 18/00/17. When I change the format back to mm/dd/yy, it will correctly show 08/18/17.
I didn’t have this problem before.
Please advice.

(Dmitry Barashev) #2

mm stands for minutes. MM stands for months.

(Dale Scott) #3

FWIW I had this problem also on Windows 10. It seems GanttProject picked up my Windows date format as “yyyy-mm-dd”. Manually setting the format to “yyyy-MM-dd” in Edit > Settings > “Custom short date format” resulted in the months being shown correctly.

GanttProject is great! Thanks for all your hard work.