"deactivate" summary tasks for sorting / displaying milestones

I have a project file that contains only “simple” milestones, i.e. there are no dependencies or relationships or what not. There are hundreds of milestones, and they are arranged under summary tasks.

Now the milestones are arranged under the summary task, i.e. all milestones under a summary task are shown as a group. Its not possible to sort all milestones without binding to summary tasks, which makes it difficult to see the relevant milestones - lets say for next week - i need to scroll down from top to bottom to see which milestones are coming next week.
If the binding to summary tasks could be deactivated and the milestones be sorted by date the display of the coming milestones would be much more economic on the top of the screen.

The only way I found so far is to make a copy of the gan file and remove the summary tasks, but thats a lot of work, and changes to milestones would need to be updated in both gan files (one with summary tasks, the othe without).

Any idea would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I want to sort / view the milestones by date, without being arranged under the summary tasks.

I do not see the need of having summary tasks just for milestones. Is that part of your WBS? What is the utility of having milestones with dependencies, for all tasks with 0 duration?

I wonder if this is a problem of the software, or the model of the project schedule approach… Good time to learn for me! :smiley:

I am not sure what your comment is about. Can’t spot a hint that adresses the threads topic.

Ok. Why do you need two files? what is the goal of each of them?