Default folder for projects

this came by email

Hi, is there a way to change the default save location? It is becoming a huge problem for me and many others I know.

You can set the default folder using the option that you have to insert into the settings file manually using any text editor.

The settings file is named .ganttproject, and it sits in your home folder. Pay attention to the leading dot in the file name. Some file managers may hide such files.

Change it as shown below (you can choose any place between other option tags). The value is a full path to the folder in your operating system format (e.g. /tmp on Linux/macOS and C:\Temp on Windows)

   <option id="webdav.proxy" value=""/>
   <!-- Insert the tag below between any other option tags -->
   <option id="localStorage.defaultDirectory" value="/tmp"/>
   <option id="ganttproject-cloud.defaultOfflineMode" value="true"/>