Displaying notes in the gantt chart

(Naglieri Romuald) #1


Note text appears in the gantt chart on mouse hover.

It happens that note text remains displayed even thought i move the mouse from the note icon.

And I can’t make it disappear, even displaying different windows (e.a.: from GanttChartWindows to ResourcesChartWindows and GanttChartWindows again).

The only solution I have found is to close the ganttproject file and open it again.

Is it possible to remove the note text without closing the file?

Thank you very much for your help.

(Dmitry Barashev) #2

Tooltip normally disappears automatically when mouse pointer goes outside of the note icon borders. There is a bug report saying that sometimes tooltip remains permanent, however I can’t reproduce it. If you have a reproducible scenario, please share it. Perhaps in this case it is better to record a screencast, because it may depend both on your particular project and on the way you interact with the interface.

(Naglieri Romuald) #3


You’ll find in attached the “test.gan” file and two screencasts.

The scenario seems to be unpredictable and difficult to reproduce.

But the problem occurs rather often.

I thought at a moment it happened because I displayed the tooltip for a long time for me to read the note.

But it is not the case.

The problem occurs even if the tooltip is displayed for a short time.

It happens too that:

. after having disappeared when the mouse pointer is goned outside of the note icon borders

. that the tooltip reappears if the mouse pointer flies quickly to the bottom line with mention “RSS Attention Erreurs” or over the Windows tool bar

. and disappears when the mouse pointer leaves one of them to fly to the gantt chart (right side)

In addition to the above explanation, note that the tooltip:

. doesn’t disappear if the mouse pointer flies to the columns displayed at the left side of the gantt chart

. disappears only if the mouse pointer flies to the gantt chart (right side)

Thank you very much.

Test.gan (30.1 KB)

Screencast_1.pdf (1 MB)

Screencast_2.pdf (1.01 MB)

(Christos) #4

Similar issues are commonly attributed to graphics cards, meaning they may be the result of “improper” display regeneration rather than the actual display of what a program requires to be drawn on screen.
(called “graphics artifacts”)
Do you have such problems (artifacts, ghosts) with other programs? Have you updated using your video card’s latest drivers.

(Dmitry Barashev) #5

This is unlikely to be the graphic card issue because, as @naro said, the popup won’t hide even after switching tabs which implies complete redrawing.

(Naglieri Romuald) #6


To reply to Christos,
I have such problem only with GanttProject and I have updated no driver.

Thanks a lot.

(Christos) #7

You are welcome. My point was though, that you should update your video card driver, even if Dimitry is right and it is not a video driver problem, it’s good practice in general to have updated gpu drivers.