distributing the schedule

Good morning,
I can’t export in pdf by distributing the schedule, which is very large, on several A3 formats including the time bar and the task column. Does anyone have a solution?
Thanks for your help

For me, a schedule not only is a techical work, but usually gets to be AN ART! :open_mouth:

Some suggestions:

  1. Review your WBS, and hierachy of tasks. That is why MS Project has “the timeline”, to summarize big picture.
  2. Check if you need to have all-in-one schedule, or might divide in “work items” with common milestones to integrate for each team.
  3. If your schedule is that big and cost are that complex, you might think of using a better approach for that size of schedule… and also the process of follow up!! :open_mouth:

If you are not sure about where to start, check PMI’s guide.
Hope this helps.