Documentation for beginners

(Bob Fifoot) #1

Good morning. I have assembled a how-to document about GanttProject for my daughter, who is studying Project Management. I gathered bits and pieces from many sources. Most sources are referenced in the document. It is a PDF of about 2.5 MB and includes a couple of introductory tutorial experiences that I compiled. Is there any benefit to GanttProject if I supply a copy to you for publication on your website somewhere? Incidentally, I quite understand and support your reluctance to offer a manual for GanttProject. It is a beautiful program.

The (final version) document: GanntProject Introduction for Beginners.pdf (2.5 MB)

(Dmitry Barashev) #2

Hello, can you upload it here, to take a quick look?

(Bob Fifoot) #3

Hello Dmitry,
Here is a copy of the document. I can easily make changes because it all starts out as a single Word document. I have not done an upload before for you. I hope it goes correctly.

Attachment deleted in favour of replacement


(Dmitry Barashev) #4

Thanks! Looks impressive!

We can certainly put it somewhere on as additional literature and probably extract some text into our “Assorted bits of documentation” (they really need some more bits besides the scheduler).

May I ask to replace very outdated logo in the top-right corner of the first page with a simple bee image (e.g. this one from the top-left corner of this site: and remove this sentence which is just not true (yet): “Adding more than one resource to a task will shorten the duration of that task.”? I thought I have seen it somewhere on internetz and people really get confused when they see that it doesn’t work in reality.

(Bob Fifoot) #6

Good morning Dmitry,
I have made the changes you asked for, and uploaded a new version. I could not see how to delete the old version. Sorry. (edit: I think I do now)

Attachment deleted in favour of an updated version in a later post.

(Stephen Buckland) #7

Thanks very much BeardieBob

(Rick Stockton) #8


Really amazing!

It works really well when converted to an MS Word docx document.

Really great work!

All the best,


(Bob Fifoot) #9

Thanks to Dmitry, Stephen and Rick for their kind comments. It encouraged me to complete what I had in mind. Attached here is the final output. It is a PDF file because links are easier to follow in PDFs but if people want to extract portions it is easier to go to the underlying MS Word file. Just ask.

The (final version) attachment: GanntProject Introduction for Beginners.pdf (2.5 MB)

(John Schuster) #10

Thank you so much for the effort for this guide. I had a good feeling for how GP worked but, this clarified a number of questions.

The definitions of Project management and charts type was excellent!!!

(Cy Liu) #11

十分感谢您-from Nanjing China